Dr. Andrew Simon

Naturopathic Physician, Biofeedback Certified, Kinesio Taping Practitioner

FIT Patients

How to Become a FIT Patient

Fit Naturopathic accepts all major insurances and time of service pricing for it's services designed to fit your budget and time. This includes Senior discounts, access to Washington Apple Health & Molina, and discounted service packages for services not covered by insurance. Please contact our front desk at 206-297-6013 or send us an email using this contact form and we can help you understand your insurance coverage.

Professionalism, Mindfulness, & Trust

We believe there is more to health than just the absence of disease. We believe you can feel better today than you did yesterday and that with small changes over time we can create lasting change, be free from pain, and continue to do the things we enjoy for years to come. We believe that it is important to show others the way, to inspire them with our thoughts, our words and our actions, to guide and to teach them how we can take control of our health and truly understand what it means to feel well.

Fit Naturopathic offers in network insurance coverage with the following insurances for services:

Regence / Blue Cross Blue Shield



First Choice

Aetna / Cigna / Group Health

Molina through Washington Apple Health & Health Exchange plans

Personal Injury Claims accepted must be validated for coverage

*Not all services may be covered, we provide patients with information on the CPT codes used by our clinic, so you are aware of what is and isn't covered by your insurance plan as each plan may have different coverage limits for various procedures performed by Fit Naturopathic, our goal is to provide you timely and accurate billing, and ask for any help you can provide about understanding your insurance plan

Fit Naturopathic utilizes both an in office Supplement and Herbal Dispensary including Physical medicine Supplies such as Kinesio Tape with competitive rates and discounts available to those who qualify. Dietary supplements that are prescribed in Washington State have no sales tax and are eligible for Health Savings Account reimbursement
The FIT Wellness Program is personalized health platform that provides monthly health coaching and access to the Physicians of Fit Naturopathic to help Keep you feeling Healthy, Stress Free and Well, so you can continue working and doing the things you love. Learn More