Fit Naturopathic – Accepting New Patients

Fit Naturopathic is accepting new patients in Ballard, at Fit Wellness Centers.

Office visit fees are determined by a combination of the level of complexity, procedures performed, and time spent.  Because of this, it is difficult to give an exact amount charged per office visit, however, in general, first office visits are typically between $160 and $280.  Return office visits are generally between $100 and $220. These prices are for patients paying by cash, check, or credit at the time of service receiving a 20% discount for services if not covered by insurance. Seniors recieve an additional discount on services. Additionally there is a sliding scale available for limited and low income, please contact office for details at 206-297-6013.
Patients have the option to bill their insurance company for the visit.  Our office provides an insurance verification service to our new patients, however this is in no way a guarantee of coverage.  We contact your insurance provider and verify your current coverage as a courtesy.  If we are unable to verify your coverage before the end of your visit, you will be expected to pay in full at the time of your visit. Visits are based on standard medical coding for evaluation and management, which involves both complexity of the case and time spent with the patient. If you have medical insurance, it is a contract between you and your insurance company, and ultimately it is your responsibility to understand your policy coverage to see that your balance at Fit Naturopathic is paid promptly.  If your claim is denied, you will be billed for your balance if available. Not all services or procedures provided by Fit Naturopathic may be covered, and you will be notified if a service may not be covered and a time of service discount is available for that service.
Procedures may be additionally used depending on the chief complaint, however it is important to understand that not all procedures may be covered by your insurance, we will assist in this process for commonly used procedures including physical medicine codes and injections, labs, outside lab fees

In addition to the office visit, there may be additional fees for blood draws, vaccinations, vitamin injections, in-house lab testing, outside lab fees, etc. These fees are generally between $20 and $60.   Patients paying by cash, check, or credit at the time of service will receive a 20% discount for services if not covered by insurance.

Non-Covered Services may include depending on your insurance coverage: Craniosacral therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Vitamin Injections, Biofeedback, Spinal Manipulations, Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, 

If you would like us to verify your insurance benefits prior to your visit
please provide the following information:

Accepting new patients with Dr. Andrew Simon and Dr. Jessica Wendling

Downloadable Forms available upon request

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Preparing For Your First Visit

New patient paper work, including the patient information form, history form, and patient responsibility form, require 15 minutes to fill out before your first visit. You can also access these forms online ahead of your visit Here.

Any relevant medical records are best brought with you at your first visit.  A release of records form is available from the office manager to release records from other health care providers.  The form is ideally filled out in advance of or after your first office visit.  The process to receive medical records from your previous or current provider can take up to 2-3 weeks.

If you have any forms you would like the physician to evaluate prior to your visit, pleas contact our office, and we will provide you with our secure messaging platform KLARA, for you to upload your forms securely.

We have an answering system that will reach us in the event of an acute emergency. Since Dr. Simon currently does no provide full primary care services at Fit Naturopathic, it is best to contact your full Primary care Provider or 911 if urgent. If it is not acutely emergent and you are an established patient please use Fit Naturopathic’s online portal for communication, or leave a voicemail at 206-297-6013 and your physician will contact you at their earliest convenience. Please note there is an additional fee for emergency calls over 5 minutes similar to phone policy stated below.

Swedish Medical Center Nurse Consulting Line (206) 215-2100
Harborview Community Care Line (206) 744-2500
Evergreen Medical Center in Kirkland (425) 899-3000

Generally their number can be found on the back of
your insurance card
Kaiser Health Consulting Nurse Line (206) 326-3225‎
Patients with Premera/ Lifewise can download a Nurse Line App for their phone. Click below for:

Fit Physicians offers 5-minute free phone consultations to answer quick, simple questions for established patients concerning prior authorized care. This courtesy needs to be scheduled with the office at 206-297-6013 to ensure the physician is available for the phone call. New care and new treatment authorizations require a regular office visit.
Whether you are requesting medical records or need forms filled out such as FMLA, Work Leave, Administrative forms, etc. There is a $25 administration fee assessed with an additional 1.12 per page assessed for the first 30 pages, and $0.84 per other page beyond 30 pages per WAC 246-08-400. This fee is assessed to help cover administrative costs, costs for duplicating pages, and maintaining your privacy when maintaining or transferring medical records.
Your medical records are kept in the strictest of confidence. No individuals have access to your medical records without your prior written authorization.
In order to expedite requests for prescription refills, please contact your pharmacy and not our office manager. The pharmacy will fax us a request, which provides us with a necessary paper trail to document the refill.
Prescriptions for Nutritional supplements by Fit Physician are not charged Sales Tax if they are deemed medically necessary for your care, if a prescription refill has run out or expired, a visit or phone consult is required to determine if the nutritional supplement is still medically necessary. Fit Naturopathic believes it is important to have an awareness about what you are taking to minimize the use of too many supplements and to make sure you are taking the safe, researched, and therapeutic dose that is best for your care.  For Seniors age 62+ and for Medicaid or Income Based Adjustment patients, Fit Naturopathic offers a 20% discount on supplement purchases made in office. If a Fit Physician has prescribed an item, it may be available on Fit Naturopathic’s online dispensary:

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

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