Chiropractic vs Naturopathic Manipulation

Chiropractic Space at Fit Wellness Centers in BallardNaturopathic Physicians can adjust the spine using naturopathic manipulations similar to chiropractic techniques and adjustments many chiropractors commonly employ. Dr. Andrew Simon at Fit Naturopathic in Ballard provides a wide range of treatment options including, manual manipulation, therapeutic stretching, activator technique, drop table techniques, pelvic blocking, active release techniques and more.  A difference in philosophy guides naturopathic physicians, to restore the root cause of the structural imbalance, and to minimize the force and frequency of spinal manipulations compared to many chiropractors. A Naturopathic Physician has the unique integration of care for patients by being able to order imaging, prescribe medications, and perform manipulations to the spine.

Manual Manipulation:

Ballard Chiropractic by Dr. Andrew SimonManual manipulation techniques are the most similar to traditional chiropractic adjustments as performed by a Naturopathic Physician.  At Bastyr University, where Dr. Andrew Simon trained in manual manipulation with chiropractors for 3 years of his program to specialize in different techniques to improve range of motion, decrease pain, and facilitate nerve impingement release in a safe and gentle approach. Manual Manipulation can be helpful for recovery from motor vehicle accidents, improving posture, and re-aligning the body quicker than other methods. Every manual manipulation session also may include therapeutic stretching and massage prior to the spinal manipulation.

Drop Table Technique:

Drop Table Technique is a gentler technique to spinal adjusting that involves the use of chiropractic style tables that release a drop a short distance to provide velocity to the manipulation, but allow a patient to be in a comfortable position either face down or face up reducing any discomfort that could be present in one of the more manual manipulation techniques.

Activator Technique:

Activator treatment ballardActivator technique is both an assessment and treatment technique using the activator tool. A precise tool that provides a gentle thrust to the joints of the neck, mid back, low back, and extremities. Activator can be very gentle, and well tolerated by many patients. This is also a commonly used tool to help re-align ribs, and the delicate adjustments of the upper neck.

Therapeutic Stretching & Exercises:

Using various techniques include active contraction and release techniques, manual therapy, massage therapy, pin and stretch, to help alleviate trigger points and decrease muscle spam. Additionally Fit Naturopathic provides in depth exercises to help alleviate back and neck pain, in a sustainable and easy to understand way.

Insurance Coverage:

Naturopathic Physicians use the Osteopathic Manipulation CPT codes 98925-98929, when checking insurance coverage, but often fall under your spinal manipulation benefits ranging from 10-30 per year with most insurance companies. Uniquely, Naturopathic Physicians can also bill Medicaid Washington Apple Health plans for Spinal manipulation visits, Fit Wellness Centers current accepts Medicaid through the managed care Molina plan. Typically Chiropractic is not covered for adults with Washington Apple Health. Contact us and we can check your insurance benefits for you before scheduling an appointment!

Intro Spinal Manipulation Pricing for Direct pay options:

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Dr. Andrew Simon ND

Dr. Andrew Simon is a Naturopathic Physician and clinic director of Fit Naturopathic. Additionally he is an adjunct professor at Bastyr Center for Natural Health in the Mind Body Medicine and Physical Medicine departments. He additionally spends time seeing patients at the NW Ballard Senior Center and exploring new technology’s influence on healthcare. If not working Dr. Andrew Simon was recently named Seattle Met Magazine Top Doctor in 2017 and Seattle Met Top Doctor 2018,  can often be found working out at the Olympic Athletic Club or enjoying the fine restaurants in Ballard and Fremont. Call to schedule a free 15 minute phone call or online telemedicine visit.

Fit Naturopathic Center is an integrative Medical clinic located in Ballard, Seattle, Washington. Using a integrated approach to Medicine, Clinic director Dr. Andrew Simon and team use Physical Medicine, Biofeedback, and behavioral health coaching to help patients feel better naturally. Our therapies integrate therapies to support the mind and the body as one.