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Physical Medicine Services

Direct and effective treatments to reduce pain, inflammation, and improve your sense of well being in a professional and educational setting. Feel Better today by speaking with one of our trained professionals in physical medicine, reducing the need for pain medicines, or other medications.

Treat back pain, Neck Pain, Sports Injury, or Motor vehicle Accidents

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Fit Naturopathic Center provides an integrated approach to pain management and injury treatments. Trained Naturopathic Physicians, and Massage therapists to treat a spectrum of acute to chronic health conditions including neck and back pain, extremity pain. Motor vehicle accidents and personal injury cases accepted.

Spinal Manipulation

$49.99 Intro visit

Intro Exam, Assessment, and Treatment provided with stretching and spinal manipulation to relieve pain, improve range of motion, address posture and preventive exercises to restore balance to spine.
$40-100 per visit return cost, packages, and insurance coverage options available.
New Patients Spinal Manipulation
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Medical Massage

$89.99 Medical Massage / Manual Therapy

Massage therapy for Sports, Injury, or medical necessity by licensed massage therapists trained in advanced techniques for the purpose of injury rehabilitation and recovery. Insurance Medical Massage also available pending evaluation from physician. $99.99 per 1 hour medical massage regular price.
Ballard Chiropractic treatment and Sports Medicine

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Ultrasound Treatment

$24.99 per treatment

Required initial examination, then 15 minute treatments provided to affected areas including muscle spasm, overuse injuries, and tendonitis. Insurance coverage options available.
Therapuetic Ultrasound
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Kinesio Taping

$19.99 Per Taping

The Original Kinesio Taping method to decrease pain, improve proprioception and encourage injury recovery. Each application can last 3-4 days, and help maintain your massage, spinal manipulation or acupuncture treatment longer. Applied by Certified Kinesio taping Practitioner. $10 regular price if bundled with another service.Kinesio Taping Class in Seattle KT Tape

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Cranio Sacral and Visceral Manipulation

$59.99 Intro visit

Intro Exam, Assessment, and Treatment provided with gentle unwinding techniques for the joints of the skull, spine, extremities, or visceral organs to encourage improved stress management, improved organ function, to improve health and well being.
$50-90 per treatment cost, packages, and insurance coverage options available.
biofeedback and mindfulness
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Prices listed above are introductory prices. Spinal Manipulation, or Medical Massage visits may be prescribed by an outside physician for use for treatment and support of many health conditions. Insurance coverage may be available depending on your insurance plan for the above listed services. Naturopathic Physicians perform spinal manipulations similar to traditional chiropractic care. Consultation, office visit, evaluation and treatment recommendations given before care can be provided. Please contact via contact from, or call 206–297–6013 if you have any questions.
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FAQ Physical Medicine

Naturopathic Physicians are trained to treat Physical Medicine concerns through the use of Naturopathic Spinal Manipulations which include a combination of stretching, unwinding, and release techniques, designed to prevent the need for aggressive or too frequent adjustments to the body by many chiropractors in Ballard and Seattle. While taught by Chiropractors, Naturopathic Physicians blend the techniques learned in a way that minimizes too much force on the body. Many people are familiar with chiropractic adjustments, the audible pop or cavitation that happens from a high velocity thrust. It is within the scope of Naturopathic Physicians to manipulate the spine to achieve results patients are looking for in decreased pain and improve range of motion. If your insurance benefits cover spinal manipulations, Naturopathic physicians bill the Osteopathic Manipulative Technique CPT code (98925-98929).  Additionally, a device assisted tool may be used to help allow the physician to precisely adjust the spine, like the Activator tool in a gentle and effective way.
Medical massage therapy offered at Fit Naturopathic Center complements services provided by Naturopathic physicians including spinal manipulation, therapeutic stretching, or exercise training. Whether you are recovering from a motor vehicle accident, injury, or maintaining health by reducing stress or muscle tension, massage therapy is a vital component to keep your body Fit.
Medical Massage Therapy can improve:
Overall stress and muscle tension
Neck Pain, Back Pain, and Extremity pain
Aids recovery from overexertion, sports injuries, and rehabilitation
Facilitates faster recovery from motor vehicle accidents, or personal injury.
Improves overall circulation, Lymphatic movement, and improved immune system