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Dr. Andrew Simon – Fit Naturopathic Center

Seattle Met 2018 Top Doctor

Dr. Andrew Simon ND

Dr. Andrew Simon is a Naturopathic Physician Board Certified in Biofeedback and voted Seattle Top Doctor in 2017 and 2018

Seattle Top Doctor 2018 – Seattle Met Magazine

Fit Naturopathic Center is excited to announce that Dr. Andrew Simon was voted Seattle Top Doctor 2018 Naturopathic Medicine by Seattle Met Magazine. This is the 2nd year in a row that Dr. Andrew Simon was voted by the medical community by his peers, and will be featured in the August 2018 issue of Seattle Met Magazine. Fit Naturopathic has seen tremoundous growth in 2017 and 2018, with the additions of Dr. Jessica Wendling in 2017 expanding services in Mind Body Medicine and Dr. Jessica Schule in 2018 who see patients for cardio-metabolic health, women’s wellness, physical medicine, mind body medicine, and other functional and integrative therapies. Check out last year’s article on Dr. Andrew Simon voted Seattle Met Top Doctor in 2017.


Seattle Top Doctor 2018Dr.
Andrew Simon graduated in 2013 from Bastyr University in the Naturopathic Medicine Doctorate program completing his CNME Residency in 2014 from Bastyr Center for Natural Health.  He continues to supervise student clinicians in the Physical Medicine Department and the Ballard North West Senior Center, as well as adjunct faculty in the School of Naturopathic Medicine. Recently recieving a 5 year service award for his contributions as a faculty member.

Graduating from Western Washington University in 2007 with a B.S. in Exercise Science, he often worked with various chiropractors to learn more about the complimentary and alternative medicine field.  Additionally, working in the Wellness Outreach Center for WWU’s Peer health Advisor program, and was a lead chef at a local restaurant while in school.

Biofeedback & Mind Body Medicine Seattle Top Doctor 2018

Natural Biofeedback Anxiety treatment in Ballard and Fremont Seattle - Andrew Simon ND

Dr. Andrew Simon is Board Certified in Biofeedback and helps patients at Fit Naturopathic in Ballard lower anxiety and their stress response naturally paired with mind body medicine techniques

Dr. Andrew Simon has been voted as Seattle Top Doctor 2018 for his continued care in the integration of Mind Body Medicine with his approach to functional & integrative medicine. Finding that many common health conditions can reduce their complications by reducig the contribution of stress, anxiety, and depression and other behavioral health conditions. Utilizing a combined cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness practice with breath work, and his training as a board certifed biofeedback therapist many patients become more resilient to stress, and able to make the more sustainable decisions for their health.  The latest in research from heart rate variability training, as an objective approach to improving resiliency towards stress. Dr. Simon has found that by supporting mental health awareness, improving skills of relaxation, patients often find themse lves improving their approach to health and wellness, and can maintain their health easier without medications and even dietary supplements. Dr. Andrew Simon is a BCIA certified biofeedback provider and supervising physician at BCNH in Mind Body Medicine treatments.

Seattle Top Doctor 2018 – Physical Medicine: Naturopathic Spinal Manipulation

New Patients Spinal ManipulationTrained by Seattle Top chiropractic providers, previous Seattle Top Doctor naturopathic physicians, Dr. Andrew Simon and his Top Naturopathic Doctor team at Fit Naturopathic Center provide a unique approach to spinal manipulation by integrating philosophy of physical therapy and philosophies of osteopathic medicine, and chiropractic care to find the best tool to funcitonally improve posture, injury reduction, and improve exercise and training performance for Seattle’s fitness community.

Cardiovascular & Diabetes Health – Seattle Top Doctor 2018

Dr. Andrew Simon integrates his background in exercise science, exercise physiology and nutrition along with his work as a naturopathic physician to help support his patients lower blood glucose, reduce inflammatory risks associated with cardiovascular disease, and improve the health and wellness of many of his clients. Many patients of Dr Andrew Simon have successful reduced their requirements for insulin, blood pressure medications, and improve their overall energy at the same time. As a physician it is important for Dr. Andrew Simon to work closely with major medical centers including Swedish Medical Centers or University of Washington Medical Centers earning him his reputation for Seattle Met Top Doctor for 2 years in a row. Dr. Andrew Simon also has a great referral system with other top doctors in primary care or specialty naturopathic medicine services.

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Fit Naturopathic Center is an integrative Medical clinic located in Ballard, Seattle, Washington. Using a integrated approach to Medicine, Clinic director Dr. Andrew Simon and team use Physical Medicine, Biofeedback, and behavioral health coaching to help patients feel better naturally. Our therapies integrate therapies to support the mind and the body as one.

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