Trusted Referrals for Health Care Practitioners

Here is a list of trusted referrals in the greater seattle community for care and well being.

Licensed Mental Health Counselors:

Aaron Strong, MA,

Have Heart Wellness – Brooke Stepp, MS, CN, LMHC

324 15th Ave. E Suite 102, Seattle, WA 98112 phone: 206-414-9365

Other Resources:

Medical Physicians (MD): – David Harvey, MD and other providers

Naturopathic Physicians (ND):

Pediatric & Women’s Health:

Clarity Natural Medicine – Dr. Kellyn Misset and Dr. Tamara Dickson

753 N. 35th Street Suite 104   Seattle WA 98103   phone: 206-547-5959

Ground Floor Health – Dr. Christina Gutierrez, ND, LM, CPM

 1227 N Allen Place Seattle, WA 98103 Phone 206-624-6627

IV Therapy:

Chiropractors (DC):


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (EAMP, LAC):


Dr. Andrew Johan Simon is listed at